1)    Lipid intake, absorption and intestinal lipoprotein formation

                                         By:    Dr. Tso, Dr. Hui, Dr. Jandack, Dr. Sun, Dr. Howles, Dr Heubi, Dr. Woollett


                                        2)    Vessel Wall Biology / Lipoprotein Structure and metabolism

                                         By:    Dr. Hui, Dr. Granholm, Dr. Davidson, Dr. Silva, Dr. Zhu, Dr. Frolov, Dr. Howles


                                        3)    Lipids in development and disease

                                         By:    Dr. Wollett, Dr. Howles, Dr. Hui, Dr. Du


                                        4)    Lipophillic Xenobiotics

                                         By:    Dr. Jandack, Dr. Tso, Dr. Zhu


                                        5)    Diabetes and Obesity

                                         By:    Dr. Hui, Dr. Tso, Dr. Hoffmann, Dr. Zhu, Dr. Frolou, Dr. Min


                                         6)    Inflammation and Lipid Metabolism

                                         By:    Dr. Du, Dr. Frolov, Dr. Tso, Dr. Wollett