Davidson. Sean Ph.D










                                          Title:    Professor

                             Background:    B.S.  Biochemistry, Indiana University
Ph.D. Biochemistry, Medical College of Pennsylvania

                       Research Areas:






The goal of our laboratory is to determine how the structure of HDL dictates its ability to remove cholesterol from the vessel wall.  We are particularly interested in the mode of cholesterol efflux mediated by a transport protein called the ATP binding cassette transporter (ABCA1). ABCA1 has become a hot topic in the field of cholesterol metabolism because of its dramatic response to mechanisms of cellular regulation, making it an exciting target for therapeutic manipulations. Our laboratory uses a wide range of techniques spanning biophysical chemistry, molecular biology and cell biology to understand the structural basis of the interactions between apoA-I and ABCA1, the mechanisms by which cellular ABCA1 levels and function are modulated and how the structure of apoA-I affects it overall function.




                          Personal Note:    I like Taco Bell, good Margueritas and to ride my bike really fast.

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